Drivers, Start Your Nginx!

(Originally published by MC Press Online in November 2015). “Put on your big boy pants!”, they told me.   “Dig deeper and figure stuff out for yourself!”, they said. Based on the feedback I was getting from online forums I realized I needed to step up my game in my first open source ventures.  Those […]

Securing Your Node.js Application

(Originally published by IBM Systems Magazine in November 2015). In article Community-Developed Dashboard With Node and DB2 the IBM i Dash open source project was introduced.   Since then a handful of additional features have been added.  For instance,  WRKACTJOB capabilities implemented with WebSockets so you don’t have to refresh your screen.  These features are […]

IBM Watson, talk to me

(Originally published by MC Press Online in October 2015). What Is IBM Watson? You’ve most likely heard of Watson at this point.  It was the machine used to take on Jeopardy champions a few years ago.  And, it WON!  You can see a video of Watson competing here.  Truly, this was a brilliant marketing play […]

2015 IBM i Open Source Forum – Presented by Common

Have you explored all you can do with open source on IBM i? If not, now’s your chance! What:  2015 IBM i Open Source Forum – an educational event provided by COMMON Where:  Chicago, IL When:  December 2-3, 2015 Who: You and your peers learning from three expert speakers: 1.  Aaron Bartell – Director of Innovation, Krengel Technology […]

A Node.js Kind of Summer

If you haven’t noticed, Node.js has arrived on IBM i. Here’s a summary of what we’ve been talking about in trade publications this spring and summer: “Node.js is here.  What to do?” – Published by MC Press Online on 4/24/15 Right now is a very exciting time for open source on IBM i. Not only […]

In the Press…Have you noticed?

Since March 1st, Litmis Team Lead Aaron Bartell has written eight open source articles which have been published through IBM Systems Magazine, IT Jungle, and MC Press Online.  Did you see them?  If not we’ve got you covered!  Here’s an overview of each: “Ruby and DSLs and Blocks” – Published by IT Jungle on 4/21/15 […]

What computer do I need for Ruby development?

This past year I’ve been speaking a lot about doing IBM i open source development with languages like Ruby and using tools like Git. A common question I get is asked below: >Please advise what processor/memory/windows version should we have as we are going to be buying new laptops for our developers to get into […]

Generating a Ruby on Rails app FAST. Better hold on!

I’m going to take a new approach with this article by first showing how quickly a Ruby On Rails application can be created. At the conclusion of this article, I’ll go back and fully explain what we’ve accomplished. To get started, open a PASE shell (i.e. CALL QP2TERM or SSH into your IBM i, as […]

“Momma said I had to share”: Node.js

New Node.js Repo On the topic of Node.js, the Litmis team has started a bitbucket repo so the community has a place to document best practices, contribute code examples, etc. The documentation is on the wiki portion of the repo. The code examples can be seen in the source area. We’ve created an “In The News” section […]

2015 Bold IBM i Predictions

2015 will be marked as the year IBM i took its biggest steps in open source and cloud usage. Ruby on IBM i has been gaining traction this past year and was recently brought out of beta (see n1 footnote). IBM released Node.js just a month ago – which is getting some good attention. On IBM’s […]