Since March 1st, Litmis Team Lead Aaron Bartell has written eight open source articles which have been published through IBM Systems Magazine, IT Jungle, and MC Press Online.  Did you see them?  If not we’ve got you covered!  Here’s an overview of each:

“Ruby and DSLs and Blocks”Published by IT Jungle on 4/21/15


A domain specific language (or DSL) is a computer language targeted to a particular problem.  DSLs can be used to make it simpler and less verbose to make calls to other programs.  Learn how DSLs and Ruby blocks can be used together to create additional benefits.

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“Explaining Node Package Manager”Published by IBM Systems Magazine on 4/14/15


 What if there was an online “store” for reusable source code we could use in our applications?  There is!  It’s called a “Package Manager”.  The Node.js Package Manager makes it easy for JavaScript developers to share, reuse, and maintain code…

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“IBM i Toolkit for Ruby” – Published by IT Jungle on 4/7/15


Krengeltech is introducing a new open source project named the “IBM i Toolkit” (iit for short).  This project is meant to give Ruby developers simple and easy access to existing IBM i resources.  Want to know how you can utilize and contribute to the project?

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“Ruby talks to DB2 for i”Published by MC Press Online on 4/15/15


Using the ibm_db gem, you can easily communicate with the DB2 for i directory from Ruby.  This article shows how to utilize the ibm_db Gem to query a DB2 table named USERS and display the contents back to a web page.

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“A Ruby and RPG Conversation”Published by IT Jungle on 3/17/15


“Due diligence” and “risk assessment” are phrases typically uttered when technology decisions are being made and when new tooling or ideas are being injected into your development environment.  How can a progressive language like Ruby on Rails complement a company’s long-standing investment in RPG?

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“Node Nods to RPG and DB2”Published by IBM Systems Magazine on 3/10/15


In Aaron Bartell’s article “Node, The First Kiss”, he showed how you can get up and running with your first Node.js web application.  The rubber truly hits the road when you’re able to interface with DB2 database tables and existing RPG programs.  IBM has given us some good tools to accomplish this task…

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“Sinatra Sings, Ruby Plays”Published by MC Press Online on 3/6/15


Sinatra is a web framework that allows you to easily create a web app in Ruby with minimal effort.  Sinatra may do a little less “magic” than Rails, but this introduction to Sinatra on IBM i may leave you singing…

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“Git to GitHub”Published by IT Jungle on 3/3/15


Git tooling is a mechanism to track changes made to source code.  This article shows how to make your local IFS git repository publicly available for others to utilize…

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