New Node.js Repo

On the topic of Node.js, the Litmis team has started a bitbucket repo so the community has a place to document best practices, contribute code examples, etc. The documentation is on the wiki portion of the repo. The code examples can be seen in the source area. We’ve created an “In The News” section which we’re hoping can be kept up to date.  Thanks Chris Hird for getting the first examples out there. accommodation There’s also a short tutorial showing how to contribute code using git fork and pull requests.

Feel free to make your own changes to the wiki.

Thanks to Bill Gravelle for the logo!

Call RPG from Node.js

Recently we had to call an RPG program with a data structure and found there wasn’t any good examples on how to do this (yet)…So we created one using the zzcall RPG program as an example.  Take a look:

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