Community-Developed Dashboard With Node and DB2

In article “Riding ExpressJs and Node.js to the Web,” you learned how to create a simple ExpressJs application complete with database access and a view layer. With this newfound knowledge, I thought it would be good to produce a tool for internal use that utilizes IBM’s ever-growing list of DB2 for i Services.

Node.js Is Genius with WebSockets

“Wow, that was significantly simpler than I thought it would be,” said no web programmer ever.
I am often in the camp of wishing things were simpler with web development, specifically the link between the browser and server, so that I don’t have to think as much about the underlying technology and can focus more on meeting the business need. Many technologies have made strides in this area over the years with concepts of convention over configuration (thank you, Ruby on Rails). Today, I am tooting the horn of JavaScript and Node.js in the implementation of HTML5 WebSockets.

Riding ExpressJs and Node.js to the Web

One of the primary uses of Node.js is for creating Web applications. When it comes to popular Web frameworks for Node.js, is at the top of the list. In this article, I’ll show how to get up and running quickly with a simple app that displays a listing of customers and explain the various technologies involved along the way.

Node Nods to RPG and DB2

In the previous article we showed how to get up and running with an initial Node.js “Hello World” web application. That was pretty neat and all but the rubber hits the road when we start being able to interface with DB2 tables and existing RPG programs. The good thing is that IBM was fully aware this was a necessity and has given us some good tools to accomplish the task.

Node, The First Kiss

Node.js is hot on IBM i and so is this intro to Node. Learn more about what Node is in this article.

A Story Of Simplicity in IBM i Hosting

This month we are excited to be announcing a new IBM i cloud offering we call Litmis Spaces Single Tenant.   Running IBM i in the cloud has been a desire of ours for a very long time, thus we’re quite happy to have finally created a solution to our own problem!  But I’m getting […]

Krengeltech and Aaron Bartell awarded at Common

The annual meeting at Common is the largest gathering of IBM i professionals each year. This year’s conference was held in New Orleans, May 14th-18th. Krengeltech’s Aaron Bartell was recognized at the conference and presented with multiple awards for overall contributions to the IBM i community. Innovation Award The Innovation Award recognizes outstanding innovation in […]

Securing Your Node.js Application

(Originally published by IBM Systems Magazine in November 2015). In article Community-Developed Dashboard With Node and DB2 the IBM i Dash open source project was introduced.   Since then a handful of additional features have been added.  For instance,  WRKACTJOB capabilities implemented with WebSockets so you don’t have to refresh your screen.  These features are […]