The annual meeting at Common is the largest gathering of IBM i professionals each year.

This year’s conference was held in New Orleans, May 14th-18th.

Krengeltech’s Aaron Bartell was recognized at the conference and presented with multiple awards for overall contributions to the IBM i community.

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award recognizes outstanding innovation in the application of advanced business computing technology to improve efficiency, enhance customer service, or promote business excellence.

Krengeltech’s Litmis Spaces was recognized as the runner-up for Common’s 2016 Innovation Award.  Litmis Spaces provide pre-configured, hosted IBM i development environments that empower developers to create applications in today’s leading open source technologies, completely within the browser.

John Earl Speaker Scholarship Award

John Earl was an original founder of PowerTech and a committed leader, mentor, friend, and valuable contributor to the IBM i community.  The John Earl Memorial Fund was designed to reflect John’s joy of sharing knowledge and encouragement of people to share their own knowledge with others.

The John Earl Speaker Scholarship Award presented at Common 2016 was awarded to Aaron Bartell of Krengeltech.

Check out the complete list of 12 sessions facilitated by Aaron at Common 2016!

Individual Session Awards

Common recognizes individual sessions provided by speakers for excellence.  Sessions recognized by Aaron Bartell for 2016 include:

Node.js: Building Your First App with Express.js – Gold Session Award

Why Ruby and Rails? – Part I – Bronze Session Award

Congratulations Aaron – and very well done representing everything Krengeltech is contributing to the world of open source on IBM i!

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