A Node.js Kind of Summer

If you haven’t noticed, Node.js has arrived on IBM i. Here’s a summary of what we’ve been talking about in trade publications this spring and summer: “Node.js is here.  What to do?” – Published by MC Press Online on 4/24/15 Right now is a very exciting time for open source on IBM i. Not only […]

“Momma said I had to share”: Node.js

New Node.js Repo On the topic of Node.js, the Litmis team has started a bitbucket repo so the community has a place to document best practices, contribute code examples, etc. The documentation is on the wiki portion of the repo. The code examples can be seen in the source area. We’ve created an “In The News” section […]

2015 Bold IBM i Predictions

2015 will be marked as the year IBM i took its biggest steps in open source and cloud usage. Ruby on IBM i has been gaining traction this past year and was recently brought out of beta (see n1 footnote). IBM released Node.js just a month ago – which is getting some good attention. On IBM’s […]

Investing in Ruby or RPG…Can I just talk to Chuck?

Well I’m not Charles Schwab, so the answer is unfortunately no, you can’t talk to Chuck! While I’m admittedly no expert on stock investments, I do have a few thoughts when it comes to assessing future viability of programming languages.  But before I digress, a short personal bio is in order for you to gain some […]