A powerful and flexible API.

This article was originally posted on our RPG-XML Suite product website. The RPG-XML Suite API was designed from the ground up to allow the IBM i web services developer to perform all the tasks commonly encountered in a web services environment. Composing, parsing and transmitting XML to potentially thousands of web services gives the IBM i […]

Is calculating tax wreaking havoc in your I.T. department?

There’s a reason I’m not a CPA. Because staying on top of the seemingly daily changes to tax regulation would drive me nuts. Sales tax, income tax, federal tax, state tax, capital gains tax… Go ahead and pick your least favorite type of tax.  You have a lot of options. Aside from the implications taxes […]

30 Ways to use Web Services on IBM i

OK, so migrating to web services  may not magically solve all of your company’s I.T. challenges.  But it’s a good start <smile>!  In a recent survey to a segment of customers running our RPG-XML Suite software, we asked how  these businesses are utilizing web services within their organizations. Here are 30 different responses: Sending data to/from […]

Use Apache JMeter to test RPG-XML Suite performance

Aside from people wanting to know how easy it is to offer a web service using RPG-XML Suite, another question we get is, “How well does it perform”?  Of course the answer to that is “it depends” 🙂  It depends on the size of your machine.  It depends on how big a workload your machine […]

SOAP, WSDL, XML, XSD, What!?!?

Man alive, this web services stuff is confusing! This article was originally posted on our RPG-XML Suite product website. Every time I turn around, I hear about a new acronymn that is supposed to somehow fit into the so-called next generation of communication. The number of acronymns and concepts related to web services can seem […]