There’s a reason I’m not a CPA.

Because staying on top of the seemingly daily changes to tax regulation would drive me nuts.

Sales tax, income tax, federal tax, state tax, capital gains tax…

Go ahead and pick your least favorite type of tax.  You have a lot of options.

Aside from the implications taxes have on our personal lives, many of us working in the world of information technology are forced to work with and understand business tax calculations in some capacity within our day to day jobs.

Today tax software is everywhere.  Intuit provides Turbo Tax to enable small businesses to prepare their own year-end incomes taxes.  Vertex provides an Enterprise solution to integrate all tax types with ERP and Business Intelligence systems.  Avalara provides a robust API that allows businesses to integrate sales tax calculations with almost any financial, ecommerce, point-of-sale, custom-built or third-party application.

When it comes to managing tax in the world of IT, what software is working well for you?  What process isn’t working and needs to be overhauled?

At Krengeltech, our development team has placed a strong emphasis on developing and implementing cloud-based solutions for our clients.

Are you considering cloud-based computing as a solution to your sales or income tax processing requirements?

Why or why not?

Comment on this post and share your perspective or experience.

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