OK, so migrating to web services  may not magically solve all of your company’s I.T. challenges.  But it’s a good start <smile>!  In a recent survey to a segment of customers running our RPG-XML Suite software, we asked how  these businesses are utilizing web services within their organizations. Here are 30 different responses:

  1. Sending data to/from eCommerce shopping cart
  2. Updating inventory
  3. Sending purchase order data to supplier
  4. Performing address validation
  5. Viewing order status
  6. Order entry
  7. Order submission
  8. Customer eligibility verification
  9. Wage garnishment employee verification
  10. Displaying health benefit details
  11. Displaying insurance claim details
  12. Updating IBM i customer master file from data on external .NET system
  13. Updating product attribute data
  14. Displaying and updating pricing
  15. Mobile quoting application
  16. Facilitating generation and deployment of email
  17. Credit card processing
  18. Generating shipping and packing lists
  19. Freight quoting
  20. Sales tax quoting
  21. Obtaining shipping rate estimates
  22. Bill of lading generation
  23. Parcel pickup request generation
  24. Obtaining shipping transit time duration
  25. Wireless customer monthly statement generation
  26. Document management data processing
  27. Document management workflow control
  28. Synchronizing CRM application with IBM i data
  29. Geocoding addresses
  30. Displaying customer rewards data to kiosks upon ID swipe

Now, are any of the business processes above found within your organization?  If so, migrating to a web services-driven environment may be just the ticket for you!

How are you utilizing web services today to create new efficiencies?

(And don’t be that I.T. department in the comic strip above)!

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