About The Company

The Company

Krengeltech is an independent software vendor located in Mankato, Minnesota. Incorporated in 1996, Krengeltech provides both professional services and software solutions to businesses of all sizes. As an IBM and Neopost business partner, Krengeltech solutions are tightly aligned with modernizing IBM i applications and streamlining processes through the USPS.

For more than 20 years Krengeltech has placed a primary emphasis on adding value to every engagement. This applies to how a phone call is answered, the timeliness of a support inquiry response, and the extent to which team members invest in relationships with customers and partners.

Krengeltech team members take pride in the solutions they develop and support. Recognizing the amount of individual ownership team members invest in customers, the company provides profit sharing plans as a way to celebrate when the company, the customer, and team members all win together.

Krengeltech software solutions are utilized by many Fortune 500 companies daily, with an install base spanning across 20 countries. With some customer environments requiring 24x7x365 support, the Krengeltech infrastructure meets high availability demands while maintaining the Midwest work ethic instilled at the company’s core.

Strategic alliances and partnerships have been instrumental to ongoing company growth and maturation.  From independent software vendors to hardware providers to educational subject matter experts, the Krengeltech “network” remains strong and committed to delivering value and exceeding expectations for many years to come.