Hurry! Time is running out to migrate from OS7.1!

by | Aug 16, 2017

IBM is officially ending support for IBM i 7.1 in April of 2018. If you’re like me, you probably feel like April is a long way off–wrong! In terms of operating system upgrades, April is right around the corner.

If you’re currently using IBM i 7.1, it is crucial that you begin upgrading to a supported IBM i release right now. Your business cannot afford to be relying on a server operating system that is no longer supported by IBM.

Upgrading can be an overwhelming task for many IT departments. Tight timelines, limited resources and already full workload add fuel to the fire. During times like these, the question gets brought up again and again…

“Isn’t there a better way??”

We believe there is – and the answer is Litmis Spaces.

Litmis Spaces is your inexpensive ticket to moving your on-premise machine to the cloud where the latest IBM i releases are supported. Litmis Spaces offers cloud hosting with full IBM SWMA – including access to all license program updates. Not only that, but the machine is 100% your own, with unlimited profiles and QSECOFR authority. We have pre installed many valuable license programs from IBM including ILE compilers and IBM Backup Recovery and Media Services for i.



Stop spending your time and money on new hardware. Put yourself a step ahead of the game with cloud hosting.

Oh, did we forget to mention our competitive pricing? Check it out.

Are you ready to move your on-premise machines to the cloud? Contact us below and we will put the process in motion.

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