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As we continue to explore the business partners RPG-XML Suite is used to communicate with, this month leaves us on Cloud 9 with Five9!

One of our existing customers is currently utilizing web services by Five9 to integrate and automate their internal call-center telephony processes.

How can Five9 help you?  Here’s an overview.

Built-in Customizability

Five9 is the market leader in cloud computing for contact centers, with more than 300 cloud-based integrations seamlessly incorporated into their Virtual Contact Center (VCC) platform.

With this open platform in the cloud, your enterprise has a complete migration path for your contact center.

You can take advantage of all the robust functionality you expect from a full-featured, sophisticated contact center plus have built-in integration capabilities for the in-house applications you need.

Benefits include:

  • Fast, easy implementation
  • Enhanced IT productivity
  • Access to the Big Data information sources that are the lifeblood of your contact center

Cloud APIs

Five9 was first to introduce a comprehensive set of Cloud APIs that use web services to enable advanced software integrations.

These APIs give your enterprise the flexibility to utilize your internal applications and proprietary systems, such as ERP and billing systems, while extending your investment. Agents and supervisors benefit by being able to work productively within their familiar application environment.

As integral components of an open and scalable platform, Five9 Cloud APIs power the role-based applications for agents, administrators, supervisors, and reporting users, including:

  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Web Services API:  Connects the Five9 softphone in the Agent Application to other business applications your agents need to use.
  • Configuration Web Services API:  Designed for the Administrator Application to retrieve data from external systems for data-driven routing or to manage campaigns and add new leads to call lists.
  • Reporting Web Services API:  Enables retrieval of call log and agent audit reporting data so that it can be archived, used in existing data warehouses, imported into business applications, and more.
  • Statistics Web Services API:  Allows you to build applications that securely access the data in the Supervisor Application and serve out real-time statistics and notifications on a wide scale to many other users.

CRM Integrations

Five9 offers pre-built CRM adapters to some of the leading cloud and premise-based CRM solutions, including:

  • Salesforce
  • NetSuite
  • Oracle/RightNow
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Leads360

Through Five9 CRM integrations, you have a quick solution for your enterprise to get your internal CRM and contact center working together seamlessly. With embedded telephony resources, your static CRM application becomes a dynamic productivity engine for sales, case management, and customer engagement.

By simply clicking the agent state “ready to take calls” button within the CRM interface, your representative can use the built-in Five9 softphone to receive inbound customer calls or the click-to-dial feature from any phone number in the CRM application to make outbound calls. All call controls become available, including hold, park, transfer, and conferencing. Your rep can even control whether the call is recorded and supervisors can listen in and view performance statistics.

For inbound or outbound calls, the Five9 system associates the call with the specific campaign and provides CTI screen pop in the main CRM window. Your customers’ information is automatically presented to your reps so they can provide a personalized experience.

To achieve even greater productivity, Five9 supports automatic outbound dialing options, such as predictive, power, preview, and progressive dialing.

Want to know more?

Call Five9 at 800-533-8159 to request an in-depth demo.  After you determine which web services are right for your IBM i environment, download a free trial of RPG-XML Suite and contact us for any assistance implementing a proof of concept!

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