It’s time for a challenge.

After chatting with various businesses running on IBM i who utilize UPS Worldship, here’s the question we’ve been asking on a regular basis:

“Is running UPS Worldship software on a separate external Windows system really necessary”?

In many cases, we don’t think so.

Krengelship for UPS has been developed specifically for businesses running on IBM i who desire the following:

Street level address validation

Time in transit comparsions

Pricing rate requests to determine best shipping cost options

Real-time package tracking

Generation of shipping labels

Scheduling and status of package pick-ups

Is this your business?

If so, Krengeltech is extending a 30 day challenge (effective through July 19th) in which a Lead IBM i Developer will install a trial of Krengelship software on your IBM i and provide up to 20 hours custom development support to validate Krengelship is a viable solution for your UPS shipping needs.


Email our team at or call 800-573-6435 for additional information.

See what you can do with real-time UPS data integration into your core RPG business systems!

What do you have to lose?

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