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Selase Kwawu is a new PHP programmer on IBM i located in Ghana, West Africa.  Selase was kind enough to share some candid thoughts via email after recently discovering the article Web Services Acronyms.

Dear Aaron,

My name is Selase and i am writing to you from Ghana, West Africa.

I will like to say a very big thank you to you for your amazing article found here.  A few weeks ago my boss asked me to learn about Webservices and to start converting existing applications to be webservices compliant (whatever that meant). I have struggled ever since just trying to fit the ideas and numerous concepts together somewhere in my mind.  I wasn’t able to conceptualize the whole thing properly. I have only managed to be able to consume some resources that are existing on some server somewhere. I woke up this morning again and decided to keep trying.  A rather simple search query in google brought me to the article I referenced and I cannot believe that in 30 minutes I know (or seem to know) so much about this whole mess I had been trying to understand for weeks!

I started PHP programming a couple of months ago and according to my bosses I have done well with building a few applications. Seeing your article, the way you explain the ideas so that people like me can understand, and the examples you give all add up to me thinking that this is the best overview I have seen so far on the topic. I wish to thank you so much for making this available and to ask you to please consider making this into a whole tutorial where we work out examples, try out urls, create services and consume services. That would be really fantastic!!! On the other hand, do you have any other docuuments or materials you have prepared on the topic that wasn’t available on the site where is referenced?

I really want to be able to do something substantial with web services and finish the tasks at hand which my bosses have given me.

I really appreciate hearing from you.

Yours Sincerley,

Selase Kwawu

iCraft Group

Thank you Selase!  Your comments are great!

FYI – Aaron has written a comprehensive educational training course titled “XML Web Services for RPG Programmers” which is intended to serve as an end-to-end resource for implementing web services communication on IBM i.  You can view more on the course here.

There are also many additional resources available on and

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