Want to ship with UPS on IBM i?

UPS Toolkit for i allows you to quickly integrate UPS services into new or existing business applications on IBM i.

Leverage the web service API that UPS makes available to correspond in real-time with shipping and tracking packages, address validation, and estimating time in transit and delivery.  

UPS Toolkit for i is a seamless solution.

Simplify access to UPS services

UPS Toolkit for i Offers Fast Integration for RPG Developers!

100% Native RPG: Utilize powerful subprocedures from native RPG to integrate the ability to perform shipping, address validation, package tracking, rate shopping, ZPL label printing, and more

You’ll get example code to get you up to speed fast!

UPS Toolkit for i includes example code and online documentation to provide you with an excellent foundation for your developers to learn and is adaptable to fit your business processes.

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