Composing JSON with RPG-XML Suite 3.3

This article was originally posted on our RPG-XML Suite product website, and has since been updated. With the release of RPG-XML Suite version 3.3, Krengel Technology is bringing JSON to the IBM i. Take advantage of our extensive toolkit to easily build your web service communication solution, all in native RPG. What is JSON? Much […]

RPG-XML Suite and Jobvite – HR Recruitment on IBM i

This article was originally posted on our RPG-XML Suite product website. Recently, we worked with the Jennie-O company who had a desire to improve the overall processes of publishing jobs and recruiting candidates for new job postings through their web site . The core goal was to improve efficiencies by preventing repeated data entry and make […]

Verify Addresses with FedEx using RPG-XML Suite

Aaron Bartell, Senior Developer at Krengel Technology, shows how easy it is to communicate with FedEx web services using RPG-XML Suite, and fulfill an important business function – address validation.