Ruby And Existing Databases

Recently I came across a scenario for a customer where I was asked, “How do we interact with our existing DDS-based, composite key, database tables?” That’s going to be a very common trait of most all IBM i shops using Ruby, and this article will cover some common situations you will come across as you use Ruby to interact with existing DB2 for i tables.

Trying on a Ruby Ring

Ruby is a great language and is now supported on IBM i, but is it right for you? The best way to find out is to try on this Ruby ring. Also learn how to integrate Ruby with RPG using the ruby-itoolkit open source project.

Knee Deep in Ruby Waters

In this article we will expound on irb and introduce more features of the Ruby programming language as it relates to an IBM i programmer – in particular, Ruby methods and one form of encapsulation.

Testing the Ruby Waters

Ruby is a mature open source language; one of the best in my opinion. Time to dip your toes in the water and get an introduction.

Investing in Ruby or RPG…Can I just talk to Chuck?

Well I’m not Charles Schwab, so the answer is unfortunately no, you can’t talk to Chuck! While I’m admittedly no expert on stock investments, I do have a few thoughts when it comes to assessing future viability of programming languages.  But before I digress, a short personal bio is in order for you to gain some […]

Krengeltech joins IBM with xmlservice Ruby gem

The Krengeltech Litmis Team and IBM recently partnered to jointly maintain the xmlservice Ruby gem.  We will be hosting the code and documentation on our Litmis Bitbucket account and are beyond excited!  Benefits for the IBM i community will be huge. Does this mean we “own” the xmlservice gem?  No.  We are only stewards.  We are expecting and […]

RubyGems in your Development Toolbox

In part 2 of our series, we learned about the Ruby community and introduced RubyGems. Now we get to dive further into the many benefits available within gems for developers! Note sure what RubyGems is?  For review, here is the Wikipedia definition: RubyGems is a package manager for the Ruby programming language that provides a standard […]