A Ruby and RPG Conversation

“Due Diligence” and “Risk Assessment” are phrases that should be running through your head anytime technology decisions are being made where new tooling or ideas are being put into production. The same is true when considering whether the Ruby language has a place in your shop – after-all, it is a significant change in direction when introducing a new language to your technology stack. What many people don’t know is the adoption of Ruby (and the Rails web framework) can be done in incremental fashion if that is what works best for you. What I mean by that is not only can you make use of your existing DB2 tables but also your significant investment in RPG code. How? Well, that’s what this article is all about. Let’s dive in.

Node Nods to RPG and DB2

In the previous article we showed how to get up and running with an initial Node.js “Hello World” web application. That was pretty neat and all but the rubber hits the road when we start being able to interface with DB2 tables and existing RPG programs. The good thing is that IBM was fully aware this was a necessity and has given us some good tools to accomplish the task.

Unlocking Myrtle Beach

What if you could say that you developed the software that controls the electronic locking mechanisms to vacation properties on Myrtle Beach? Well, we have a story for you…

Trying on a Ruby Ring

Ruby is a great language and is now supported on IBM i, but is it right for you? The best way to find out is to try on this Ruby ring. Also learn how to integrate Ruby with RPG using the ruby-itoolkit open source project.

Introducing Compiled Templates for RPG-XML Suite

Change (or in this case, updates) can be so, so good! Beginning with v3.0 of RPG-XML Suite, Krengeltech has introduced a new and improved method of composing XML via a template. We like to call this new method “compiled templates” and it has some great advantages: Accessing the IFS at run time is eliminated and […]

RPG Order Entry, Credit Cards & First Data

This article was originally posted on our RPG-XML Suite product website. This past month we were contacted by a company running on IBM i. The question: Can you help me process credit cards using First Data from our legacy RPG order entry system? The answer: Absolutely! RPG-XML Suite can be used to facilitate XML communications from […]

Investing in Ruby or RPG…Can I just talk to Chuck?

Well I’m not Charles Schwab, so the answer is unfortunately no, you can’t talk to Chuck! While I’m admittedly no expert on stock investments, I do have a few thoughts when it comes to assessing future viability of programming languages.  But before I digress, a short personal bio is in order for you to gain some […]

EchoSign it – Obtaining Electronic Signatures with RPG-XML Suite

Nearly every company requires documents to be signed in order to facilitate business transactions. This article was originally posted on our RPG-XML Suite product website. Some require hundreds or thousands to be processed daily.  Gone is the day of the fax machine.  Even a document scanner that facilitates the exchange of signed documents via email can […]

LeasePlan uses RPG-XML Suite to support 1.3 million vehicles across 32 countries

By Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine: This article was originally posted on our RPG-XML Suite product website. Big data has become an industry buzzword, but the interpretation of the term varies from organization to organization.  To some, it may be as simple as receiving both structured and unstructured data.  To others, it could be data coming […]