Git to Github

In my last article, the Git tooling was introduced as a mechanism to track changes made to source code. This article expounds on that by showing how to make your local IFS Git repository (“repo” for short) publicly available to others.

Git To It

An introduction to Git for IBM i developers. Git is good for your sanity.

A (root) Change for the Better (part II)

(Originally published in January 2016 by IBM Systems Magazine). In article “A (root) Change For The Better“, I discussed how to create a “chroot environment”.   In brief summary, chroot is a command that facilitates changing the apparent root of your current IBM i job (aka PASE process) so that it thinks the current sub […]

A (root) Change for the Better

(Originally published by IBM Systems Magazine in December 2015). This past week I was configuring a customer’s machine to be a Git server and ran into an interesting issue. Whenever I ran Git commands I would get errors like the following: $ git init fatal: Out of memory? mmap failed: No such device I went […]