provides a repository of free educational resources development teams can utilize to implement leading open source technologies available today for IBM i.  Our hope is that by educating the community at large, new pro-active independent development will abound.

However, if you need more than education, a hands-on Litmis Team developer may be beneficial on either a short or long term basis by giving your team the jump-start into open source you need!

The Krengeltech Litmis Team facilitates implementation and adoption of today’s leading open source software technologies for IBM i – by implementing the following:

  • Open source languages including Ruby on Rails and Node.js
  • Agile development methods and best practices (Like the popular Git for source code)
  • Re-using existing RPG business logic in conjunction with progressive user interface design technologies
  • Open source technology options that deliver:
    • Quick time to market
    • Low total cost of ownership
    • An active community which contributes core value and new benefits
    • Simplified application management across multiple environments (testing, development, production)
    • A growing talent network of human resources worth investing in

Do you need access to progressive, on-demand developers to implement today’s leading open source technologies on IBM i within your organization?  The Litmis Team can help!  

The Litmis Team works with application developers, I.T. Directors, and CIO’s responsible to identify, build, maintain, and scale applications that drive enterprise business.

To stay informed of everything Open Source and IBM i, be sure to follow the team on Twitter @litmisteam.

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