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I am very happy to recommend Krengel Tech’s Litmis Spaces offering to anyone interested. We need a small light setup to help train a new developer to IBM i in a way they could feel free to try anything and not worry about the repercussions of the learning process. From system management to ‘Hello World’ in RPG to generally getting a feel for what is or isn’t smart in the IBM i Litmis Spaces gave us that freedom to learn it all. I highly recommend and endorse their offering!

King Harrison IV

Executive Vice President , K3S

Recently, I found myself with the need for an IBM i to work on to develop my coding skills and make myself more marketable. I was having trouble finding systems to practice on that weren’t shared environments or very dated. That is when the opportunity presented itself for me to use Krengeltech’s single tenant product called Litmis – giving me complete control of an IBM i.
I was a little skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a try for a couple of months and see how it went. I am happy to report that I made the right decision. With support included in the price and a very helpful and responsive Krengeltech support team, I couldn’t be happier.
Best of all, I have the flexibility do whatever I need to do. Some may call it a sandbox to play with new, but sandbox and play infer that this is something less than the full system. The Litmis single tenant offering is a full IBM i system that came with the latest OS release and all the “goodies” installed and ready to use. Thanks for the right starting point, Krengeltech! I’ll take it from here (because i can!)

-Robert Brown

IBM i Specialist

Single Tenant

It's Yours

Machines aren’t shared, it’s yours; 100% of it. QSECOFR authority. Complete with IBM Support Contract. Unlimited IBM i profiles. Use it for commercial or personal purposes!

Competitive Pricing

Pay for what you use. That’s how the world works, and so do we. IBM i machines start at $157/month and grow to as big as you need.

Host Web Sites

Use any of the languages on IBM i to host a web site. Node.js, RPG, Ruby, PHP, Java, Python, Scala; the list goes on. One static IP included.

You could even use this as your DMZ server that connects to your back office IBM i. Lots of creative ideas.


Need a development server long or short term? Develop for commercial or learning purposes. Share the machine or keep it to yourself; the freedom is yours. ILE compilers are included. Node.js, Python, and Git are pre-installed.

Ready to configure your own?

IBM Support Included

IBM Support (a.k.a. SWMA) is included. This means you get access to all licensed program updates and can even call IBM if necessary.

Multi Tenant

Imagine coding in the browser on an IBM i in the cloud…

Now, imagine everything being preconfigured for you in the click of a button.

In a nutshell that’s Litmis Spaces Multi-tenant

We at Krengeltech are firm believers in IBM i shops learning open source so they can increase their competitiveness in the market. That’s why we allow everyone to have a single Litmis Space at no cost. We have also put together tutorials that help you build either a Node.js or Ruby On Rails application from start to finish.

Want to see Multi-tenant in action?

Want a guided tutorial done with Litmis Spaces?

On-premise Litmis Spaces is on the horizon so you can seamlessly manage your environments within your own IBM i machine. We’re already doing custom Litmis Spaces using what we call “IFS Containers”.

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