Jumpstart Your IBM i Open Source Adoption

We can help. Here’s how…

Revitalize RPG

We can put together examples showing how to call RPG from Node.js or Ruby. Don’t rewrite your RPG, revitalize it! Calling on RPG for existing business logic is our recommended approach for quickest time to market.


First time with Ruby or Node.js? A new language can be an overwhelming en devour. We had to span the same divide coming from RPG. The good news is we can help via introductory presentations, hands on labs, and one-on-one training.

Source Change Management

Source is best managed with Git. We can get you completely setup on IBM i and connect you with GitHub.com or Bitbucket.org.


We can help write and tailor deployment scripts for your application. Automation is key to quick turn around of features in production.

Development Enviroments

Install browser-based cloud9 IDE (n1 below) for source editing. Installing ungit(n2 below) is another popular way to use Git without drowning in commands.

Not into browser-based tools? No problem, there are many editors to choose from and we can help get you up and running.

Language Setup

Depending on your preference we will install and configure your machine for Ruby or Node.js.

Sometimes Node.js or Ruby have “native language extensions”. This means you need to compile C/C++. We’ll get you setup with gcc, curl, wget, bash and other popular open source binaries.


IFS Containers

Configure and install “IFS Containers” to keep your developers and applications from stepping on each other.


Need a hug?

Hugs are free. C’mere you.

Staff Augmentation

Need more Ruby or Node.js developers on your project? Or maybe you just need help when you get stuck? A pre-purchased block of hours can do wonders at keeping a project humming along.

Would you like us to help you succeed?

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n1 The cloud9 IDE running on IBM i


n2 The ungit graphical git tool running on IBM i


n3Code from Visual Studio