Git for RPG Developers

From Zero to Hero

Implemented Solutions with On-Going Support

Course Deliverables

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to use Git to manage RPG code stored in source physical files.

Engagement Flow

Through group sessions and one-on-one video support, we will guide you start-to-finish through this course. Our typical flow is outlined below.

Educate: How Git Works

The first of the lecture portions where our team teaches the foundations of Git. We focus on the daily-use aspects to keep from info overload.

Are We a Good Fit?

We will have a conversation to outline your specific needs and goals of this training course. Once we establish this outline we can move forward!


Understand RDi Projects

“Least disruptive” That’s our focus. It’s for that reason we’ve steered towards RDi’s i Projects to coordinate source between source physical files and Git. We show how to make this transition simple and describe the daily flow a developer will use.

Purchase Training Course

This one is easy. We send you a quote based on the needs previously outlined for your approval. You make the purchase.

Setup Developer WorkStations

We help get your developer’s workstations setup including installing the necessary software, configuring SSH keys, and getting connected to Bitbucket. RDi is currently required for this training and must be separately purchased.

Create Course Schedule

This training course is typically 3 to 4 separate sessions. We will work with you to choose dates and times that are most convenient for you and your team.

Educate: Git Best Practices

Focuses on “A day in the life of an RPG team using Git”. The flow of how changes are stored in Git. How to resolve conflicts. How to tag versions of source. How to log “tickets” in the issue tracker. And more!


30-Day Post-Training Support

Our team is available for subsequent emails and meetings to answer any questions and help resolve issues after the course is completed. Valid for 30 days after the last meeting.

Implement Source into Git Repository

This is where the rubber meets the road and the value goes from great to exceptional. We help you implement one of your libraries of source code. A tangible deliverable you can take to the bank!

Additional Training Hours

Do you want to dive further into the world of Git? Additional training hours are available for purchase upon request.

Recorded Training for Reference

GoToMeetings are recorded and provided to the customer for subsequent watching. Great for training a bigger team and for reference in the future.

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