Hurry! Time is running out to migrate from OS7.1!

IBM is officially ending support for IBM i 7.1 in April of 2018! That makes right now the best time to consider moving your on-premise machine to the cloud where the latest IBM i releases are supported!

Knee Deep in Ruby Waters

In this article we will expound on irb and introduce more features of the Ruby programming language as it relates to an IBM i programmer – in particular, Ruby methods and one form of encapsulation.

Testing the Ruby Waters

Ruby is a mature open source language; one of the best in my opinion. Time to dip your toes in the water and get an introduction.

Bash Is Not A Shell Game

PASE on IBM i is making some big progress on being an advantage for businesses moving forward quickly. Part of the PASE story is having a shell. There are good shells and inadequate shells. Learn about one of the good ones, namely Bash.

A Story Of Simplicity in IBM i Hosting

This month we are excited to be announcing a new IBM i cloud offering we call Litmis Spaces Single Tenant.  Running IBM i in the cloud has been a desire of ours for a very long time, thus we’re quite happy to have finally created a solution to our own problem!  But...

Krengeltech and Aaron Bartell awarded at Common

The annual meeting at Common is the largest gathering of IBM i professionals each year. This year's conference was held in New Orleans, May 14th-18th. Krengeltech's Aaron Bartell was recognized at the conference and presented with multiple awards for overall...

Riding the Rails (Part II)

(Originally published by MC Press Online in February 2016). In the January 2016 article "Riding The Rails, Part 1", I introduced you to how a Rails project is created. We walked through the various files and directories that were generated. We also made it through...

A (root) Change for the Better (part II)

(Originally published in January 2016 by IBM Systems Magazine). In article "A (root) Change For The Better", I discussed how to create a "chroot environment".  In brief summary, chroot is a command that facilitates changing the apparent root of your current IBM i job...

Riding the Rails (Part I)

(Originally published by MC Press Online in January 2016). In the February 2015 article "Trying on a Ruby Ring", I talked about doing a small Hello World Ruby app and showed how to invoke an RPG program from Ruby.  In March 2015's article "Sinatra Sings, Ruby Plays",...


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