Side Note: While this post talks about using our service as a sandbox, it can, and is, used for production purposes.

When we first ventured down the path of offering simple and inexpensive IBM i hosting we weren’t sure how people would use it.  After-all, our community accustomed to expensive and complicated. How would the industry react to an offering to spin up an IBM i and use it for as long as they need while only pay for what they use? 


We could toot our own horn and tell you about all of the great features and growth we are seeing in Litmis, but we think King Harrison IV at KS3 does a much better job than we could.


“I am very happy to recommend Krengel Tech’s Litmis Spaces offering to anyone interested. We needed a small, light setup to help train a new developer on IBM i in a way they could feel free to try anything and not worry about the repercussions of the learning process. From system management to ‘Hello World’ in RPG to generally getting a feel for what is or isn’t smart in the IBM i, Litmis Spaces gave us that freedom to learn it all. I highly recommend and endorse their offering!”

– King Harrison IV, Executive Vice President , K3S


Many people learn best by “playing in the sandbox“, as King recognized with his new developer.  What better way to get them up to speed than giving full access to an IBM i in the cloud without any fear of ruining something of importance. Best of all – K3S only needed to have the machine running for a few months and weren’t locked into a contract.  With Litmis, you only pay for what you use – no contract necessary!


To learn more about IBM i hosting and configure your own machine, head over to Litmis Spaces!

With pricing starting at $157 per month, what do you have to lose?

Contact us at with any questions!


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