Recently, one of our long-time customers approached us with a question – did we have any product support for Affirm? We did a little digging into “Affirm” and quickly knew that we could help.

Affirm was founded in 2012 by Max Levchin, a former CTO and co-founder of PayPal, with a goal to “bring simplicity, transparency, and fair pricing to consumer credit”. They work with merchants to offer affordable short-term loans for customers that can be integrated directly with a merchant’s checkout process. Affirm makes their services available as a JSON API, and it’s this API that our customer wanted to use. We were happy to present them with a simple solution – RPG-XML Suite.


In order to meet our customer’s need within the tight timeline, our customer decided to engage us for professional services. By leveraging the considerable knowledge and experience of our development team, our customer was able to focus on building their in-house application while we built processes with RPG-XML Suite to communicate with Affirm’s web service API. This saved them countless hours of their own development team’s time – and ensured the project was completely correctly, and on time. 


We provided our customer with the full source code for the processes we had written, so that they could maintain and update the program in the future. We also provided support to make sure their integration process with RXS and JSON was smooth.


Are you trying to use a new web service on a tight timeline? We can help!

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