Businesses that accept magstripe credit cards have taken on the liability for fraudulent transactions. The Payment Networks’ liability shift is officially in effect and you are responsible for protecting your business. That’s a big deal.


How do I make my IBM i business compliant with the payment liability shift?

Payment Terminal Toolkit for i.

A tongue-twister of a name, but a surprisingly straightforward and safe tool to protect you from liability when accepting payment in EMV chip-card readers. PTTi makes it simple to integrate with the EMV chip reader on your payment devices, helping you ensure compliance with the payment liability shift.



Compatible with Verifone utilizing subprocedures from native RPG, Payment Terminal Toolkit for i reduces points of failure by running your transactions entirely from your IBM i without third party dependencies. Additionally, there is no specialty Point of Sale software that you have to use with Verifone or Ingenico software. Instead, PTTi integrates directly with devices software to save you time and money. We are currently in the process of making PTTi compatible with Ingenico devices and plan to add that to our PTTi product offering during the first half of 2017*


There is no time to waste. 

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


*If you have an immediate need for PTTi compatibility with Ingenico software, please reach out to us and we can work with you to meet specific timelines. 

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