The next RPG & DB2 Summit conference will take place October 20-22 in Chicago, Illinois.  Here are ten reasons why you should join us there.

1.  Node.js has arrived on IBM i!  Now you can figure out why you should care.  

As an RPG developer, you may be thinking, “Why do I need Node.js when we already have Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc…”?  You’ll learn the answer to this question as well as how to obtain and install Node.js and have it talk to your RPG and DB2.  Check out the “Intro to Node.js” session overview to be given by Aaron Bartell at 9:15am on 10/21.

2.  Jon Paris, Susan Gantner, and Paul Tuohy not only are good people.  When it comes to RPG and DB2, they know their stuff.

Many times I prefer to do business with people I simply enjoy working with and want to support.  It’s a decision not solely made on qualifications and expertise.  In this case, you get the best of both worlds by learning from the founders of RPG & DB2 Summit who bring true expertise along with a genuine personal touch.

3.  See below.


A Chicago dog.

I don’t know if it’s “kosher” to put Tobasco on these, but I plan to find one, apply it liberally, and endulge heavily.  You should too.

4.  The Internet isn’t going away.  It’s time to learn HTML5 and improve your web development skills.

Good news:  There’s no pre-requisite for HTML1, HTML2, HTML3, or HTML4.  Jump right into HTML5 and see real-world examples using RPG and IBM i as the backend.   “Intro to HTML5” is just one of many awesome sessions you can find on the session track.

5.  Because getting out of the office is just…well, needed.

Notice I didn’t use the word “networking”.  That typically scares the majority of introverted developer-types.

We all need to be refreshed and re-invigorated.  Day-to-day job demands take their toll on everybody.  Getting out of the office to connect with peers and professionals with similar backgrounds and aspirations can re-shape a re-entry into your work culture that changes both your attitude and your outlook.

6.  The people have spoken.

And spoken well. has reviews to guide your purchasing decisions.  The System i Developer team has compiled a scrolling list of glowing testimonials from previous attendees that gave the wheel on my mouse quite a workout.

That should be enough in itself.

7.  Hear first-hand what’s new in the the latest release of RPG-XML Suite.  And…what’s coming next quarter!

As XML web service communication methods change and evolve, RPG-XML Suite keeps pace.  Rest easy with full REST web service support.  Embrace JSON.  Share your specific challenges with processing XML business partner communications on IBM i.

8.  Direct access to world-class IBM i subject matter experts.

While no one can be expected to know everything, assembling multiple experts to cover all facets of the latest technology will surely accelerate your career on IBM i.  In addition to the System i Developer leadership team, check out the list of guest instructors you will rub shoulders with.

9.  Build your first Node.js App with Express.js

After you’ve learned what Node.js is and why you should care, build an actual Node.js app using one of the most popular web frameworks – Express.js.  This Session given at 9am on 10/22 implements web sockets to make the app insanely interactive.

10.  And if all the new tech knowledge gained simply leaves you a bit overwhelmed, maybe Ted Holt can teach you how to play the banjo to unwind.

Save $200 on your individual registration now through October 20th by registering with promo code “RPGXML”.

See you there!










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