This article was originally posted on our RPG-XML Suite product website.

Web services are provided by many of todays most popular business partners –, Fed Ex, UPS,, eBay and Google are some – just to name a few.  Various eCommerce platforms, credit card processors, and many other trading partners provide easy access to data you can leverage within your daily business operations and applications.

RPG-XML Suite provides the ability for RPG developers to consume these web services and easily integrate the data received within existing RPG applications or database files.

If your business partner provides an XML interface, RPG-XML Suite allows you to implement it.  Easily.

In many cases, a business partner offering a web service provides a WSDL file that describes the specific functionality of their web service, and how it is to be accessed.  With a WSDL file, the RPG-XML Suite development team can typically turn around a free proof of concept within a matter of hours.

Don’t have a WSDL file?

No problem.  Any XML specs your business partner is able to provide can be utilized for the implementation of a successful proof of concept.

Contact us and let us help.