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Our customers and prospects teach us new things every day.  When I hear about a new solution for the very first time that a customer wants to integrate with, I might stop and think:  ”Hmm, interesting”.

After hearing the same piece of technology referenced a second time, my thought process changes to:  ”Now, where have I heard that before”?

And after the third time, it’s:  ”What’s going on here?  I sense a trend”!

And with Magento Commerce, it’s the Third Time.

So let’s talk more about it.

The “backbone” and core business system our customers depend on is IBM i.  Running IBM i is aneasy technology business decision for many CIOs.  However, selecting an eCommerce platform to complement and leverage the data and applications residing within IBM i becomes a bit more challenging.  Enter Magento Commerce.

Magento is an eBay company – acquired by the online powerhouse in June of 2011 for over $180 million dollars.  Three different product editions (as well as a comprehensive API) are available to align with your specific eCommerce vision.

Enterprise Edition

Magento Enterprise Edition is the high performance, scalable eCommerce solution for fast-growing and large businesses.  Enterprise-class features and flexibility provide the ability to create a tailored solution specific to your unique needs.

Target customers by purchasing history.  Deliver coupons and promotions.  Spread reviews across social media.  Conquer SEO with search friendly URLs.  Up-sell and cross-sell products.

Community Edition (open source)

The Community Edition is perfect for developers and tech-savvy merchants.  With this platform you can both modify and contribute to the core code and engage with a passionate community for support and guidance.  With more than 200,000 customers, Magento has become the preferred choice for many eCommerce developers.  The most recent Community Edition, version is, is available for download here.

Magento Go (hosted solution)

Magento Go is a hosted eCommerce solution ideal for small businesses just getting started in eCommerce.  By customizing the design of your store and improving functionality with extensions, entering the world of eCommerce is intended to be easy with 24/7 support assistance and Magento Go.

Magento API (Where we live – with our IBM i-friendly RPG-XML Suite!)

Talk about a comprehensive API!  The Magento API supports both SOAP and XML-RPC communication protocols.    Check it out here.

Not sure how to efficiently integrate your existing RPG applications and DB2 business data with Magento Commerce?  Download a free trial of RPG-XML Suite and put it to the test!

Or, if you’re not feeling like taking a test today, we’ll take it for you and show you through a proof of concept.  Share your specific integration needs and chat with our development team here.