I received an email from Polaris about this today. And really, it’s time.

Time for Polaris and Krengeltech to join forces.

Yes I sell software while Polaris sells this whisker-thickening piece of testosterone metal.

Yes my team is busy writing code while Polaris is busy getting people muddy.

And yes I may be more comfortable with marketing while Polaris is being exchanged on the stock market.

But we’d be great friends. I know it!


I’ve seen your people. I’ve talked to your people. I’ve eaten cake, joked with, and almost side-hugged some of your people.  Educational conferences for developers kind of do that amongst Minnesotans.  Especially when food is involved – like good meatloaf and hotdish.

Yes we share the IBM i platform in common and the technical conferences that bring us together.  Whether selling ATVs complete with non-pneumatic tires, a 600-lb. steel rack capacity, and electronic power steering or simply the code to efficiently communicate with business partners; IBM i provides the backbone to both of our company operations.

So maybe we should start with a tour.  I’ll plan a trip to Roseau to see how this Sportsman WV850 H.O. is made.  Then, on my way back I’ll swing through Medina corporate headquarters to facilitate a Krengeltech software tour with one of my peers – letting the RPG development team take a look under our covers.  10 minutes through our tour, we’re going to stop and talk about the WV850 for at least 15 minutes.  If you can’t talk RPG programming and non-pneumatic tires in tandem what can you talk about?

If and when we encounter any uncomfortable silences, I’m going to ask how often Krengeltech can register to win a free WV850 online and inquire about the programmatic probability of skewing the winning algorithm calculation to consider those willing to take long drives to Roseau.

All the RPG programmers are going to laugh.

We’re going to break out some meatloaf.

And head back home to wait for the next IBM i technical conference to bring us back together.

Time to start planning!

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