So it didn’t work out.

In his 3rd season as the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, Christian Ponder got the yank.  Too little progress spanning too much time.

Yes, managing people and determining exactly when “enough is enough” can be hard.  Whether you’re managing the Vikings or a cube farm.

Having to judge people can feel like an unfair and somewhat daunting task – both on the football field and in the workplace.

”It’s business” – pro athletes often say when cast aside for a replacement.


So when you’re in a leadership position your backup plan better be better than your initial plan or….you could have a problem.  A big one.

Take the Vikings.  Management has essentially come to the conclusion that:

A) Christian Ponder isn’t good enough for us to win

B) Our backup, Matt Cassel isn’t good enough for us to win

C) The guy we traded for to replace both of them, Josh Freeman, isn’t good enough (or healthy enough) for us to win


D)  Christian, I guess you are our man.

And the post-game look and tone of our man seems to now resonate, “This officially stinks and I’d rather kinda just go home to mom”.

And I can’t blame him, because I would feel the same way.

Essentially he was demoted and re-moted.  Not promoted,  re-moted: my made up word for getting the job back by default.

In business, you have employees placed in key positions that customers ultimately pay to perform.  In my RPG-XML Suite software support world, this equates to our front-line support team.  If one of our support technicians can’t provide the necessary resolution to an error a customer is receiving, it’s backup plan time:  support technician #2 is engaged.  If support technician #2 can’t deliver the solution it’s time to bring in Josh Freeman – and quickly.  If Josh gets a concussion by hitting his head on the keyboard, you need a better alternative to “win” in the software world than going back and re-promoting support technician #1.

Thankfully I’ve never had to re-promote because our starting lineup deserves to be on the field.

But sometimes it’s still just nice to go home to mom.

Hey, Thanksgiving’s right around the corner.

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