A timeless connection.

So yesterday was my birthday.

29, again.  Can’t seem to get past that age.

10 years ago I either got 1) a birthday card or 2) a phone call from my closest “beeps” (birthday-recognizing peeps).

Now the love influx is commonly felt through Face-beeps, Twits, and text-messages – both for me and the majority of the greater western hemisphere come birthday time.

And I appreciate every medium.   The Facebook post.  The direct Twitter message.  The SMS on the DOB.

But shouldn’t a phone call really get more “points”?  Naw.  Not for me.

In the end communication preferences combined with relational depth typically drive the chosen medium.  Whether it’s your birthday or your Wednesday.

Most of us are in business.  In some capacity.  Daily we choose who we email, who we call, who we text, who we “follow”, who we “like”, and who we “connect” with (settle down LinkedIn, I didn’t forget).  Even though we may try to “silo” our communications, the line between business and personal seems to ever-increasingly blur.  And frankly I am typically quite fine with that.

That doesn’t mean my customer needs to know the day, month, and year I was born.  But maybe the next trade show would be a little more lively if he knew I was born during The Muppets.  Because the reality is I may find deep down my customer loves Miss Piggy too – just as much as me.

The feeling of “connection” is innate to the human spirit.  Well, at least mine.  Going “beyond business” seems to make “business” so much more enjoyable.  When customers want to discuss the Tigers in the playoffs, a home church in Wyoming, and my birthday in Minnesota, the outlook resonates bright.

But will my proposal get accepted?  After all, this is business, right?

Better not get too personal.

I’ll keep my birth year hidden.

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