Ker splat. And white.

I went out to stretch my legs during the lunch hour yesterday and came across this frog.  I just about missed him.  The poor guy’s guts and all were spray painted bright white.

He never made it to his final destination.  None of his friends came to scrape him up off the pavement.  Cripes, his friends don’t even know he’s dead because he now blends right in with the freshly painted stripe on the road.

So that’s kind of sad.  If you’re a frog.  To have your guts spray painted white when everything about you croaks green.  And have nobody even notice.

But, we’re not frogs.

And yet, we still get run over from time to time.

Run over by a customer.

Run over by a business partner.

Run over by a spouse.

Run over by a boss.

Run over by a co-worker.

And run over by a friend.  Or so we thought.

Yet, we avoid getting spray painted as long as we keep moving.  As long as we hop back up and change lanes before the line painter truck comes.  As long as we realize it’s just a bump in the road, rather than a gut-splattering, motivation-sapping disaster.

Because there are more frogs, more bugs, and more lily pads that are perfectly made for your shade of green.

But if you don’t keep moving, you may never even notice.  And neither will anybody else.

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