Everybody needs a little encouragement now and then.  Just maybe not from a male cheerleader.

When it comes to receiving praise from a boss, co-worker or customer, the good ol’ verbal back slap always feels good to confirm a job well done.

In the digital world we live in, our Facebook feeds, Twitter timelines, and blog posts are primed and waiting for back slaps on a daily basis.  How many likes will my utterly profound status update on Facebook receive?  Will my latest tweet get retweeted by that one Twitter follower with the huge audience?  And the blog post…how many comments does it really take before you feel “good”?

I don’t consider myself an artist.

I don’t have a copy of Photoshop.  There’s no hand sculpture on my front porch.  Heck, I think my mom has even thrown away the 6th grade clay pot from art class.

Yet, upon reviewing the definition of “art” retrieved from my MacBook Dictionary I see a couple noteworthy meanings:

1.  Art (noun): Works produced by skill and imagination

2.  Art (noun): A skill at doing a specified thing, typically acquired through practice

So maybe I don’t need to paint a mural, direct an opera, or write a poem to create art.  And maybe you don’t need to either.

Frankly, I can think of a lot of works produced daily by skill and imagination in the business workplace:

  • A Powerpoint presentation that perfectly describes the value of a given product/service
  • A website design mockup that vibrantly presents the essence of a company’s mission and brand
  • Computer code eloquently written and bug-free that supports crucial high volume business processes
  • Perfectly balanced accounting financial statements
  • A project status report containing accurate and up to date metrics which clearly reveals current project stages and resource workload demands

And I could go on.  But I won’t because you get the drift.

Chances are you might be a workplace artist.  And the ability of your “work” to be deemed “art” has no dependence on the amount of slaps on the back you receive after it’s produced.  But rather, did you accomplish your work’s intended purpose?

If you need a paint shirt to get inspired put it on.  It might be a good profile picture.


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