Common 2012 – Disneyland Resort

Common held their 2012 annual conference May 6-9 at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.  Adam Taylor and I exhibited on behalf of Krengeltech and enjoyed re-uniting with many IBM Power Systems pros, meeting new customers, and seeing old faces.

Mickey Mouse was everywhere.  I think I’m still brushing remnants of him out of my teeth.  Upon seemingly every encounter with a Disneyland hotel employee you were wished a “Magical Experience”.  The lady at the front desk even phonetically spelled out my confirmation code using “Snow White” for “S”.  If you can’t get excited about IBM i here, where can you?!

I thought I heard one attendee complain that Disneyland paled in comparison to last year’s “Sure it can snow in May in Minneapolis event”, but I can’t be certain.

Aaron Bartell – IBM Power Systems Champion

Forget about the tie.  Aaron Bartell has been named one of 19 IBM Power Systems Champions worldwide.  Time to get a new tie!

The IBM Champion program recognizes innovative thought leaders in the technical community — and rewards these contributors by amplifying their voice and increasing their sphere of influence. An IBM Champion is an IT professional, business leader, developer, or educator who influences and mentors others to help them make best use of IBM software, solutions, and services.

What an excellent award for a very well-deserving individual.

Way to go Aaron!  You are an excellent ambassador for both Krengeltech and IBM.


RPG meets iPad to give-away Kindle

Well that was a mouthful.

I forgot to mention in the Common recap that we gave away a free Amazon Kindle at the Common Exposition.  Congrats Kuresh Adenwalla from Geovera Holdings who was our lucky winner!

Irony:  Our sign up form was written in RPG using OpenRPGUI, but showcased on an iPad when we were giving away a Kindle.

Yes, many attendees commented on that fact.

What can I say, we are trendsetters.

DocuMailer for IBM i

Krengeltech’s DocuMailer allows businesses to take advantage of significant postage savings by internally automating the processes of

  • Address data cleansing (CASS)
  • Presorting mailings by zip code (PAVE)
  • And NCOA (national change of address) processing
Historically implemented on a Windows platform, DocuMailer will soon be available for IBM i users to automate the printing and mailing of documents to ensure maximum postage discount savings.  Interested?  Email

Selling without the Barf

Everyone knows some good salesman and some bad salesman.

Over the years I’ve learned a couple tricks but I’m still a work in progress.

9 times out of 10 the customer is always right and I’m going to stick with that.

In a recent conversation, Joe shed some light on his feelings about software salesmen imposing purchasing deadlines.

Read it here.

Comments?  <Go easy on me>!


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