No I didn’t.

Because we never spoke.

And ever since Al Gore invented the Internet it is becoming more and more common not to.

Speak, that is.

And for me, it’s now the norm.

It’s not that I’m a mute.  Sometimes I may even have something witty to say.  But many times I don’t.  Because I don’t have to and everyone else in my business world seems completely OK with that.

So that’s what I do.  Write copy.  Respond to live chats.  Align prospects with necessary resources.  Hit a tradeshow here and there.  Respond to instant messages and text messages.  Create quotes.  Post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.  And email, email, email.

But there’s not much speaking going on.  A whole lot of communication – but speaking is typically reserved for those times of “absolutely necessary”.  And everyone else seems OK with that.

Because we keep selling.

So maybe it’s the product.  Maybe it’s the industry.  Maybe it’s the people that develop and support the product.

I know what it is: Word of Mouth.

Wait, nobody’s speaking.

Maybe Word of Web then.  Is that a technical term?  If not, can I coin it?  Right here and now?

I guess not.  GoDaddy tells me Mike at Electronic Payments Inc has already reserved  Mike, you and I may need to have an audible conversation someday.

Maybe instant responsivity is the simple sales-deal-sealer of today.  Maybe it’s timely follow up.  Maybe it’s simply respecting permission-based communication preferences of your target audience.

The question I’m left with is:  Am I simply meeting a greater majority where they’re at today by leveraging 100% digital communications?  Is a dusty phone another “sign of the times”?

Maybe control is what it’s really all about.  Controlling the conversation.  Controlling the questions.  Controlling when and where a response occurs.  Not being taken off guard.  Or the very worst: saying something stupid. 

But then I remember some of my best days were the result of 1 simple phone call.

Is your phone nothing more than a dust collector?  Or a vital tool you depend on to bridge the gap in your business relationships?

Call me: 612-240-1528.

Fine, text me.


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