News from the road

Over the last month we’ve been at the WMCPA (Wisconsin Midrange Computer Professional Association) annual spring conference in Wisconsin, our 10th (or maybe even 12th) RPG-DB2 Summit conference in Texas, and made another trip out to the Northeast User Groups Conference from April 2nd-4th.  It’s always refreshing to meet new customers for the first time, re-unite with old faces, and meet new professionals dedicated to progressing their skill sets on IBM i.  Our team came back encouraged that our OpenRPGUI mobile development sessions were well received and attendees even left for home with high ambitions to start cranking out their first Android app!

Next stops for the upcoming month of May include the Long Island System User Group in New York City, Northeastern Systems Technology User Group in New Jersey, Fairfield Application Systems Users Group in Connecticut, and Gateway 400 in St.Louis.

Speaking of mobile development…

Mobile development adoption is growing every passing day.  We see that and we hear that.  Some companies aren’t ready today, but many are planning to deploy their first applications in the very near future if they haven’t done so already.

Help us get a pulse for mobile development within your company…Take our very short survey!

Krengel Credit soon to include Cybersource payment processing in addition to Authorize.NET

Due to popular demand from IBM i customers, Krengel Credit for IBM i will soon include a module for companies needing to interface with Cybersource for credit card processing.  Previously only available as a plug-in for RPG-XML Suite, the Cybersource module will be a stand-alone product offering formally launched in the month of May.  Email Jeff Skistad at for more information or a free trial.

IBM drops the big secret

This week on April 11th IBM announced PureSystems – a “new category of expert integrated systems”.  IBM highlights 3 major advances in this new era of computing:

  • “Scale-in” system design
  • Embedded patterns of expertise
  • Cloud ready integration
Be sure and read the official press release if you haven’t done so already.


Heading to Common? 

May 6th marks the start of the Common User Group annual conference in Disneyland.  Krengeltech will be there and also will be giving away a cool tablet device of some sort.  Be sure and stop by our booth!

Speaking of Common, here’s a slightly UNCOMMON blog post pondering a new name for the group of IBM aficionados.

Carpe Diem.

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