I haven’t had enough time.


The problem is, that statement no longer works for me.  Or my employer.  Or my wife.

The truth is, you have exactly enough time to do everything you were created to do.

At this point I won’t step across into Creationism vs Evolution vs The Big Bang Theory vs Atheism vs every other possible position pertaining to your existence.  This is a business blog for crying out loud.

Yet, religious beliefs aside, I still think you possess certain innate skills and desires that are somewhat – hardwired?  How about that?

At Krengeltech we have regular departmental status update meetings.  There’s always a boatload of things that need to get done and a bigger boatload of opinions pertaining to the specific order and priority of which to do them.

Our company email, contacts, and calendar run on Google Apps for Business.  We use another handy tool called GQueues to create individual task lists and priorities, which also integrates nicely with Google Apps.  Individual prioritized task lists are shared across the company.  This means that when my designer drops the new tradeshow banner I needed designed yesterday to priority 10 on his list, I can immediately see so and give him the appropriate verbal beratement.  As I type this WordPress is trying to tell me to change beratement to bereavement but the extent of my sorrow after being plucked in priority hasn’t yet entered into bereavement status so I’ll stick with my made-up word.

My point is, that personalized individual task list quickly ends up as a big blob of goo after everyone has interjected their input and your day is more than 30 minutes old.

Some personal examples:

  • A new prospective customer calls and needs a software proof of concept by the end of the week.
  • An existing customer calls to insist that their lack of planning should result in my team’s #1 emergency.
  • A “bug” is found in our software that results in a mad scramble to implement a patch.  (That last example was a hypothetical.  We don’t have bugs in our software)! 😉

And I’m sure you can tell me your own stories about how your “best laid plans of mice and men” get disrupted daily.  Yet ultimately you’re in control.  Even though the dog got kicked when you got home from the office, you allowed the project to be mis-managed.  The blog post didn’t get published on time because you decided that responding to every email within 30 minutes (no matter the importance) took precedence.  The programming code didn’t get finished because you had to test an application someone else wrote incorrectly.

I hear the excuses.  Some are relatively legit.  Some are crap.  But you decide where your time goes.  And  you decide if you’re going to utilize the hardwired skills you were gifted for or leave them buried under a pile of goo.

So my challenge this week: Think of one task you were hardwired to do in which you will not deviate from performing or accomplishing.  Share it as a comment to this post if you’re feeling brave.

I’ll kick it off by sharing mine:  Comitting to writing one blog post per week to this blog.

Now that I have that in writing it’s a done deal.

Remember, you have exactly enough time to do everything you were created to do.

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