Twitter is a hoot.

I know because I’ve been Tweeting for a grand total of approximately 2 months.  Now, that’s experience.

Even though I’ve been a Twit (someone who teases or taunts in a good-humored way) my whole life, I’ve resisted embracing Twitter for either business or personal use for a long time.

Until now.

Today I’m the lead Tweeter behind 3 different Twitter profiles: @krengeltech@DocuMailer and @JeffSkistad.  The first two are business related. Last one is personal.

Marketing is key to my role at Krengeltech.  With that said, I’ve grown bored with some of the traditional marketing mediums (can you say “print advertising”) and believe many of our customers and prospects have too.

Part of my job is to market Krengeltech solutions to two primary markets:

1.  Companies running on the IBM i/AS400 Server

2.  Businesses with a need to automate mailing processes and save postage

Twitter has proven in a very short time frame to be an excellent medium to disseminate content our audience is looking for.   I’m betting you’ve got something to say.  You’ve got knowledge to share.  You’ve got an audience waiting to hear how you’re wired.  And soon people will be saying, “Where have you been”?

So I’d encourage you (if you haven’t already) to create a Twitter account.  It can be done in less than 5 minutes.   After your account is created, start following people and companies that interest you by searching for them within Twitter.  After following them you’ll quickly be able to see if the information they’re posting (Tweeting) is valuable to you upon a quick scan of your Twitter homepage feed.  If the information is garbage, “unfollow” them and move on to find the next source of quality information!

I don’t claim to be a social media czar.  Yet 60 days later I find my business network and our company reach expanding in proportion to my personal time investment.

Yours can too.  But first you need to be willing.  Second you need to identify your platform.  And third, you have to bring it regularly by sharing beneficial content to the audience you want to connect with.

Not sure what a platform is?  We’ll cover that in a future post.

Already have a Twitter account?  Leave a comment on this blog post with 1 useful tip you’ve learned in your Twitter existence.  (If you’re in need of a reality check – visit Klout to see how much influence you really have on your following).

And just because – follow @krengeltech on Twitter.  Every now on then you simply need to throw in a shameless plug for good measure.

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