The world of audits is a reality that more financial companies are learning to live with. One of the things being audited are the texts sent to social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. It is for that reason I have ventured further into the APIs Twitter offers so I could learn how to do more advance queries for archiving purposes.  Essentially a “cover your butt” effort.

The article on IBM developerWorks is officially titled “Cover your bases with TweetMe4i and JSON” but I originally submitted it with “butt” instead of “bases”.

Who wants to cover their bases when their butt is exposed? Is there a new body part name “bases” that I don’t know about?  I will admit I had no idea eggs weren’t a dairy product until earlier this week.  After my wife got done laughing she explained it to me.  So I guess I wouldn’t put the “bases” body part past me as something never before heard of…  For some reason I always categorized eggs as dairy.  Because of this gaffe I will be starting a new support group that aims to teach the foundational truths of the food groups and what is in each.  This group will be a big relief to those of us that have “food deception” over the years.

Aaron Bartell

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