Jesse “the body” Ventura – WWF wrestler and previous Governor of Minnesota…The epitome of “Minnesota Nice”, right?

OK, maybe not.  Nice beard anyways.

I sell software for a living.  It’s a great living – one that regularly connects me with different personalities from all over the globe.

I’ve never met Jesse – aside from sitting about 8 seats away from him at Target Center during a Timberwolves game.  Hopefully if the opportunity arises again he’s found a razor.


“Minnesota Nice”…a phrase many of us are familiar with.  Yet, as Minnesotans, are we really nice?

I recently scheduled my first oil change at Snell Motors, a GMC dealership in Mankato, Minnesota.  It was scheduled for 8:00am, immediately after I dropped off my kids at school.  This was my first Snell service “experience”.

I pulled into the automatic garage door service entry and parked my car in their heated garage on a freezing day.  The manager at the counter saw I had my laptop and iPhone with me.  He assumed I was looking to get some work done while I waited.  He was right.  He directed me to a private lounge with 3 leather sofas, 2 barstools, coffee tables, coffee and an office phone.  The manager personally escorted me to this lounge which he said was more “private”.  I like private.  I quickly found 5 different wireless access points and started cranking out emails and developed a software price quote.  After a few minutes the manager came back and said, “I noticed your car is a bit dirty. Is it OK if I run it through the car wash?  No cost”.  Umm…let me think, sure.

50 minutes later I was out of there.  Yeah I know 50 minutes is longer than the “10 minute Jiffy Lube””, but I’ve never had a Jiffy Lube only take 10 minutes.  Plus, I got my tires rotated, a car wash, and guess what?  If I continue to have my vehicle serviced there at regularly suggested intervals, they will replace my tires when worn for free.  I can make that work.

I left thinking, “That was a good Minnesota Nice experience”, and it crystallized why we do what we do at Krengeltech.  There are various days over the course of a year I find myself thinking, we’re not going to make a dime on this project.  And then I realize we’ve established our loyal customer base in many circumstances because we’ve dropped everything to make our customer’s problem our immediate primary focus.  GotoMeeting has placed us smack dab on a customer’s server 2 minutes after they call asking for help.  No you don’t need to already be a customer in order to have one of our lead software developers jump on your machine and implement a working solution to your technical challenge (although we certainly hope our responsiveness and expertise naturally leads to you saying, “Sign me up”)!

So if you’re looking for a quiet, professional working environment to change your oil, rotate your tires, and get the next set for free, check out Snell Motors.

If you’re looking for a team of software engineers to immediately take control of your technical challenge and make it their own, check out Krengeltech.  We’re hoping to send you away with a “Minnesota Nice” experience that can be featured on the next blog post of your own.

Ya know?  

Or was it, you betcha?



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