Ever felt like the guy behind the desk?

I have.

In a given week I can find myself asking all kinds of questions about others. Questions like:

Why are you so analytical?

Why are you so impatient?

Why do you want to take this risk?

Why didn’t you just do it right the first time?

Why are you calling me anyway?

But what I’m really saying (as I talk so sweetly to myself) is why can’t you be a little more like me.

It’s true.  I’m just so darn easy to get along with.  When is everybody else going to learn?


The reality is I’m hard-wired a certain way.  Not necessarily the right way, just a certain way.  You may even call me stubborn.  (I didn’t say selfish, stubborn).  I find it easy to get along with others like me.  Just like the rest of the western hemisphere feels about them.

To tackle this mentality at Krengeltech we’ve had our employees take the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment.  Don’t worry, it’s impossible to earn a score of “none” (that was my first inquiry).  Yet it is possible to see your peers in a whole new light.

Another assessment we’ve taken is the DISC profile from Inscape Publishing.  After you take a test you will be assigned two main letters (D, I, S, or C) that describe how you approach work and relationships.  Each letter represents personality style traits that are core to your overall make up.  Below is an overview:

“D” (Dominance) style tends to be: direct, results-oriented, firm, strong-willed, and forceful.

“I” (Influence) style tends to be: outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic, high-spirited, and lively.

“S” (Steadiness) style tends to be: even-tempered, accommodating, patient, humble, and tactful.

“C” (Conscientiousness) style tends to be: analytical, reserved, precise, private, and systematic.

Notice there was no “L” (Lazy) style or “P” (Procrastinator) style.  This is fully intended to be a team-building exercise.

I personally ended up with the “SC” classification – steady and consistent.  I’ve been called worse.  As a matter of fact, the last time I took the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment I believe I was classified with the manly core traits of empathy, compassion, harmony, and maybe one other that will bring a tear to your eye.  So, in the event you receive a sales proposal from me – do not reject it!  I may start bawling on the spot.

Truth be told, I have nothing to hide.  You can even view my complete personal DISC assessment to see exactly what level of detail you can expect to receive after completing the test for yourself.

What’s the worst that can happen?

You start calling me periodically to watch The Notebook?

Give it a shot as a team and share it with your peers.  They’ll thank you for it.

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