I’m tired of “gloom and doom” USPS talk.  Every day we can read a new article on the web that contains a variation of the following headlines:

“USPS considers closing 123 Post Offices across Minnesota”, or

“Postage rates potentially increasing 10% in 2012”, or

“United States Postal Service loses a gazillion dollars in 2011”.

It was either a gazillion or an bazillion. Specifics get lost on me.


What I’d rather read is, “Madison Lake Minnesota mailman calls customer on personal cell phone to confirm daily delivery time“, because that’s my  reality.  Yes, my mailman calls me from his piece of junk car with 500,000 miles on it to tell me to tell my wife that he’s going to be early today…Early to stop in our driveway, to walk to our front door in sub-zero weather, and to haul the tote of packages back to his chalet.  My wife ships multiple packages daily from our home via USPS.  No I didn’t give him my phone number and ask him to call should he ever run late.  He found my home office business phone number somehow on his own – which to this date perplexes me (as it’s unlisted).

Krengeltech’s DocuMailer software solution provides the ability for world-class guys like my mailman Steve to show others daily what service really  means.  Saving 10 cents per piece on your next bulk mailing is just an added “perk”.

Steve, I hope you read this.  You’re one of a kind.

Next year, it’s a double batch of chocolate chip cookies for Christmas.


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