So, it’s 2012.  I’m back in the office and ready to reek some havoc on a new year.  Luckily, I didn’t swallow one bite of fruitcake over the Holidays (we eat Lefse like all other good Norwegians).  All Christmas parties are over.   My wild New Year’s Eve celebration involving the painting of a bathroom is in the books, and Ricky Rubio has arrived from Spain to give all sports-success-starved Minnesotans some hope for a cold winter!

It’s January 3rd.  I’ve already read countless “Resolution this, Resolution that” article headlines.  While I don’t have any personal “Resolutions” to reveal, my wife and I did sit down over a hot cup of Joe to document some 2012 goals yesterday morning.  No, I’m not going to share them with you.  What I will do is share four whimsical hopes for 2012 as it relates to approaching another year of sales and marketing at Krengeltech.

#1 Stop laughing every time I hear the phrase “Flush the Buffer”

I’ve had the privilege of working in sales and marketing at Krengeltech for over 5 years now.  Part of my job is scheduling and attending live demos of our software solutions.  Due to the technical nature of our products, I’m rarely “behind the wheels” of any given demo.  So I have the luxury to sit back, crank out a few emails, and listen for my “cues”.  (Was that a pricing question I heard)?  Yet, there is no phrase that gets my attention better than when one of my Senior Developer Brain Wizards tells a prospective client to “Flush the buffer”.  I know I’m a middle child and a bit technically obtuse at times, but my bathroom humor immediately wants to take root and SPEAK!

#2 Relevantly Tweet like a madman

Prior to 2011 I admittedly set Twitter aside due to my appreciation for using Facebook as a personal social media application.  While still somewhat of a “greenhorn” (complex Minnesota talk), I’ve realized more clearly the value Twitter has as a social media application for business.  Don’t get me wrong, there will be days where my followers of @krengeltech may ask aloud “He said that on Twitter”?  I’m just going to blame it on the blood not fully reaching my fingers due to the wind chill.  The Twittersphere is full of knowledgeable people and companies sharing free information and resources daily surrounding my favorite hashtag “#IBMi”.

#3  See Casey’s expand their menu

A group of approximately 10 of my co-workers gather every other week at my home with our laptops, iPhones, Androids, Casey’s Pizza, and Alka Seltzer for a lunch team meeting.  My wife used to facilitate a homemade meal but that role has since been passed on to me to organize.  Now the marketer in me is attempting to highlight the extensive benefits of the wide array of pizza options regularly available around the table (supreme, bacon cheeseburger, Hawaiian, sausage, pepperoni, Mexican, etc) in comparison to the inferior homemade Lasagna and strawberry short creme desert previously noticeable.  After month’s of Casey’s pizzas I’m hoping for a new less-greasy option in 2012.  Maybe my IBM i-running friends at Kwik Trip can save me!?!?  (Time to follow them @KwikTripInc and make some connections)!

#4 Realize Happiness is NOT a Destination.  It’s a WAY OF LIFE

The photo above is my desk.  The sign serves as a reminder to enjoy the small things in life and to choose happiness daily.  If you have a sales role, you can probably relate to the highs and lows of working in sales and the impact sales (or the lack thereof) can effect one’s demeanor any given day.  One day you’re on top of the world…The next day holding it up!  We’re blessed to be able to interface with great customers from large and small companies running on the best platform from all over the world.  Go #IBMi in 2012!

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