Aside from enjoying 40 degree Minnesota weather this December 14th, we at Krengeltech have published our first application to the formal Google Android Market.  The application is named KrengelContact and is a simple and light weight application that lists contacts from the IBM i and allows you to edit them (edits are persisted back to IBM i in real-time).

The application was developed using a technology/approach called PhoneGap (also being “incubated” as Apache Callback) which basically allows the following:

1) Apps are developed using HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, though are installed as normal apps (i.e. .apk files for Android).  We did NOT need to write any Java or Objective-C to get the same application to run on both Android and iOS (iPad/iPhone).

2) Using Javascript you have access to the phone’s functionalities like GPS, camera, contacts, storage, etc.

Instead of using raw HTML5/CSS3/Javascript to compose the page layouts and do server communication we utilized SenchaTouch which is one of the most mature mobile frameworks we have seen.  And using SenchaTouch was a natural progression for us because we had been using ExtJS with OpenRPGUI in the past.

Do you have an Android device?  Feel free (yes the KrengelContact app is free) to take our new app for a test drive on your device!  Simply search for “KrengelContact” in your phones Android Market app or point your browser at this page and install the app to your mobile device from your desktop (a really cool way to administer apps on your device).  The iOS version will be coming soon (more effort to publish to Apple’s App Store).

Do you have business need that requires a mobile app?  Let us help you write it!  Contact Jeff Skistad at

Till next time,

Aaron Bartell

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