We can have the best platform in existence, but without new blood to fill the empty positions, we won’t survive. Without new blood being infused into the platform we won’t get ideas that the former generations aren’t thinking of. Young people dream big and have little regard for the crowd that says “you can’t do that, it will never work” – they tinker and try things for fun and for personal gratification.

Check out my latest IBMSystemsMag.com article where I describe my experience hiring a recent graduate from Gateway Technical College in Wisconsin – our very own Adam Taylor which some of our KrengelTech customers have probably had interactions with. Also, we would like to have additional conversations on the topic to learn more about where people are at with hiring recent IBM i graduates. You can make comments on this IBMSystemsMag.com Buzz blog.

Also, thanks to Trevor Perry for encouraging the hiring of these grads – his statements helped me take action! 🙂

Aaron Bartell

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