I have another fun project to introduce via a recently published article in SystemiNetwork (requires VIP subscription).  The article is titled “Sure You Can Have The Keys” and is meant to show yet another way you can use Android + GoogleMaps + IBM i + RPG (OpenRPGUI.com) to produce modern applications.  The article’s scenario involves a parent giving their teen the

family car keys and then installing my app on an Android device to relay latitude/longitude coordinates up to an IBM i server where they are then logged in DB2 for later viewing.  Then I created a web application on www.SureYouCanHaveTheKeys.com to allow a parent to view where their teen had taken their car by placing the latitude/longitude coordinates on a GoogleMap in dynamic fashion.  The web browser portion of the project is covered in a second article that I just submitted to SystemiNetwork a week or so ago and should go to print in a March most likely.  All the code is open source, so play around with it and see what business purposes you can address with this newfound information. Hopefully you will buy a subscription to SystemiNetwork if you don’t already have one.  They have great content for a total annual cost of $150!  

Aaron Bartell

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