I am excited.  Excited because I have taken the dip into developing applications for the Google Android (aka Droid) platform.  This development is done for devices like cell phones, tablets (think iPad) and Google TV.

It is exciting because it allows me to bring together my favorite platform and language (IBM i and RPG) to build applications that my family and friends can use.  You see, normally my family and friends wouldn’t ever see, or care, about my ERP type applications because who cares about that cool subfile in my inventory program anyways <tic>.   Stay tuned for a cool application I wrote that utilizes the Android’s GPS capabilities to relay information back up to RPG on the IBM i.

If you want to try your hand at developing an Android application, then this article will guide you and will use free and open source tooling, including OpenRPGUI.

Do you have browser or mobile development needs in your business?  Krengel Tech has the knowledge to create those applications for you using RPG (no Java or Websphere required).  Contact Jeff Skistad for more info: jskistad@krengeltech.com

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