Awhile back I started taking inventory of how many things I delegate to “the cloud“.  While there are many definitions for what “the cloud” encompasses, I basically sum it up to whatever I use on the internet that used to be on my desktop.  What’s interesting is that my “inventory tracking” has led me to realize I have A LOT of things going to the cloud.

You can check out some thoughts on “the cloud” and Google’s new Chromium operating system in my latest article which can be found here.

What do you or your company have “in the cloud”?  Email?  Documents (i.e. GoogleDocs)?  Backup (Amazon S3/JungleDisk)?

Aaron Bartell

Do you have browser or mobile development needs in your business that you want to move to “the cloud”?  Krengel Tech has the knowledge to create those applications for you using RPG on the server side.  Contact Jeff Skistad for more info:

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